We cannot and will not achieve our dream life if we are not in control of it.

I was thinking a lot about this today and I decided that I’m going to grab life by the balls and make my own “life system” that will assure me and others to achieve our life’s purpose and live an awesome life everyday.

Read more if you want to find out how to take control of your life, and to stop your life from controlling you.


Having a routine is IMPERATIVE to having control of your life. I figured this out first hand and experienced how out of whack life can get without it. I stopped working a system for a WHILE now but I’m ready to start again and never stop.

Not having any schedule or routine is making everything in my life chaotic. Almost like I never know what crazy thing is going to come next and I 100% believe having a routine and putting these vibes out into the universe will bring me less crazy and more structure. I believe everything you say and do effects you so I’m going to do good for myself, starting with a bedtime and morning routine.

It may sound kinda dumb to you, but if you’re experiencing random, crazy and unexpected things in your life that you wish would just stop, please start with this! My sister Katie actually started an amazing accountability group on Facebook that helps get you to actually do what you say.

If you want to start a routine but have trouble sticking to it, or need help sticking to anything for that matter, I highly recommend joining this group! Click HERE to join the group!


  • Wake up 7:00
  • Drink water/take vitamin
  • Pray
  • Meditate
  • Brush teeth
  • Wash face/morning facial routine
  • get dressed
  • do hair
  • Put clothes in dryer
  • Put everything I need for work and day by the door
  • Make Lilly breakfast
  • Help Lilly with her morning routine


  • Get out clothes from dryer (fold and put away)
  • 5:30 start making dinner
  • Eat dinner 6:00/6:30
  • Clean up from dinner/do all dishes
  • Help Lilly with her night time routine
  • Put Lilly to sleep 8:00
  • Put clothes in washer
  • Pick up house
  • Brush teeth
  • Wash face/bed time facial routine
  • Shower
  • Moisturize
  • Pj’s
  • Brush hair
  • Take out clothes for next day
  • Write down everything I need/need to do for next day
  • Pray
  • Drink water
  • In bed by 10:00/10:30


Think about what you prioritize.

Now don’t get confuzed by this! I don’t mean like your family, friends, pets, etc… I mean what you ACTUALLY are prioritizing.

What I mean by that is, what is contently on your mind? What are you putting all of your focus on? Think about that and ask yourself: “is this making my life better, worse or just the same?” Whatever you have most of your energy on, is most likely what you’re going to get in life.

For example, if you’re always thinking about how you never have enough, you are prioritizing not having enough and chances are, you’re never going to have enough unless you change your thought and train yourself to think differently.

Just change your mind!

What I have been doing lately to get those negative thoughts out of my mind, is thinking about what I DO want in a positive way instead of what I don’t have and imagining how it would feel to actually have that. My mom recently told me to start practicing this and I have to say, it feels really good.

For example, I think a lot about how me and Erik need to find a new apartment. But after practicing this way of thinking I realized the way I think about it is negatively. Like “we need to move. How are we going to do that? It’s too expensive. We don’t have enough money for a 2 bedroom. How is this ever going to happen?”

Now instead of thinking about how it wont work, I now think about how it would feel to have our dream apartment, in our dream location, with more than enough money to pay for it. And I mean REALLY feel it. Feel every emotion.

The negative thoughts will only do more damage to the situation so try to catch yourself thinking about the negative form of something and change it to this technique every time!


  • How finding a new 2 bedroom apartment wont work
  • Worrying about every obstacle
  • I don’t make the money that I want to be making


There was a time in my life when God was my first priority. I thought of Him first. When There was an issue thrown my way, I would ask him for help first and trust that he has it covered. Lately I haven’t been doing that. I’m trying to take on tasks on my own instead of going to Him first and let me tell you….. I am feeling the effects of it!!!!

It’s so not a good feeling. It is soooooo much unnecessary pressure that can easily be avoided by just asking and listening. Now why do I keep doing this knowing that I have the most powerful God on my side at all times? I honestly don’t know! Pure laziness?

That’s going to stop now. In order to get control of my life I NEED Him. And you do too. Life is not something anyone can do on their own. For now on, before anything, let’s all ask God for guidance before anything and know and believe that he has the best solution for us.

I am going to include God in my life, more. He is my first priority everyday, for now on.


  • Find a church that you LOVE. I absolutely LOOOOOOVE my church so im always excited for Sunday’s. Me, my mom and Lilly go every Sunday. I feel amazing and inspired after I leave and it is so much fun. If you are looking a church, try mine! North Jersey Vineyard Church: 310 Phillips Ave, South Hackensack, NJ.
  • Actually talk to him and just ask him for things you need/want and for any help. Then believe He will do it for you and don’t stress about it. Just keep asking and believing and stop trying to control, fix and make every decision on your own. He’s got chu.
  • Just talk to Him! About literally anything. Might sound crazy, but it feels so nice and you’ll build such a nice relationship with Him.
  • Pray. This is sort of in the “just ask” and “talk to him” category. You don’t have to go crazy and go on your knees and all that stuff you see on T.V., you can pray and talk to him literally anywhere. Your car, while you’re in bed, at work, going for a walk, eating lunch, whenever, for as ever long as you want. You’ll feel such a release of any stress or worry.


I know how it feels when life is controlling you, instead of you controlling life. It’s not a good feeling because life isn’t meant to be that way! Taking control of your life will help yourself, relationships and everyone around you.

Life is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. But that wont happen unless you realize you need a change and then actually do something to change it. I hope you try this “life system” out and it helps you like it’s going to help me!

If you try this technique, leave a comment and tell me how your life has changed!

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Thank you for reading!

Love, Emily <3

Thank you for reading!

Love, Emily <3

Thank you for reading!

Love, Emily <3

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