You are the best father and boyfriend.

I love you so much. More then you can possibly fathom.

You’re faithful.

You’re absolutely amazing to me.

You put our lives before your own.

You do the things nobody sees.

You understand the importance of sacrificing aspects of our lives in order to ensure stability, safety, and happiness for our children now, through adulthood.

Right now, we don’t go on fancy vacations, throw crazy birthday parties, get takeout very often, go out to eat often, drive a fancy car, etc. because you’d rather work day and night knowing our children are growing up in a stable home with their mother, learning life lessons, with happy lives, rather then a flashy life in debt, where the kids have to go to school for the only purpose of us both to work.

That’s not to say you don’t feel the struggle, I know you do.

A tribute to my boyfriend and father of my children

But the kids never see that.

You’re always physically and emotionally available for me and them, no matter the long day you had.

The lives and future for these babies that we brought into this life through our love far surpasses your own, and I see that, and they
will appreciate it beyond words once they grow up and understand.

And I thank you for the trust you have in me as your girl, and the mother of our children.

The decisions that I make for our kids, anything I decide when it comes to them, is never an argument.

Because of you, our girls will grow up seeing how a woman should be treated and loved by her man by watching you love me.

You do the things nobody sees, and so selflessly.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Emily <3

Thank you for reading!

Love, Emily <3

Thank you for reading!

Love, Emily <3

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